Do you offer a discount for Bulk Orders?

Yes!! We offer 15% off Big Dog Discount of any single order of 35 tubes of food. This discount is not just for big dog owners. This offer is also good for owners with multiple dogs or for those who just want to stay stocked up. This discount applies for our frozen foods only.

Why is your food always Out of Stock?

Shipping of our Frozen Foods is CRAZY expensive. We keep our Frozen & Fragile products (Food, Green Tripe, Chew Bones, & Bone Broth) marked as Out of Stock online, but donʻt worry we always have them available. Reach out to us and we can figure out the best way to get the items you want to you. On Oʻahu? We have a friend who distributes for us and the Public Pet also carries our food. On Maui? Check out Kihei Pet Supply. Weʻre working on the best way to ship directly to your door. Until then, reach out. 

Do you make raw cat food?

Our food is intended for canines although we do feed the same blend to our own cat. We do have some customers who choose to add powdered Taurine to our mix for their feline friends.

How much do you recommend I feed my dog?

Adult dogs need about 1% to 3% of their body weight in our food per day depending on how active they are. Some very active dogs can eat up to 5% of their weight in food.

Puppies need 10% of their weight in food until 6 months of age. 

Do you add any fillers?

No! The only ingredients in our food come straight from it's protein source. For instance, our Beef Blend will only contain beef muscle meat, beef bones and beef organs. Our Venison blend will only contain Venison muscle meat, venison bones, and venison organs. *We are temporarily adding Organic Chicken Eggshells for added calcium to our food blends while our bone crusher is on the mend. Mahalo for your understanding.

We do not add any grains, vegetables, or fruits to our blend. With that being said, our formula is totally customizable to what works for your pet.

Why is my dog's poop dark?

When transitioning to a raw diet, you will notice that your pet's poop will change. The darker color is normal. This is caused by the consumption of the vitamin rich offal.

How long does shipping take?

We make all of our treats fresh. We always try to get your orders out as quickly as possible but please allow up to two weeks for your orders. Please reach out to us if you need your items sooner and we can try to rush those for you. 

Why are so many items out of stock?

Think of our products as seasonal. We are making our treats from protein sources that are very small batch. Most of the time, our beef products will be in stock since we are cattle ranchers and always have grass fed Hawaii beef available. Also, a cow is a much larger animal than say, a goat. We source all of our ingredients locally from small, local, and trusted farmers, ranchers, and hunters in Hawaii.