Our Mission

Pawniolo Pets Hawaii
Third generation cattle rancher Nick and his wife Miki started Pawniolo Pets using grass-fed animals raised on their family cattle ranch in Kamuela, Hawai'i. They are passionate farmers who value the importance of knowing where their pet food comes from.
Deeply rooted in Hawaiian ranching, Nick understands what an undertaking it is to raise cattle here in the islands. Being a cattle rancher himself, he identifies with the many obstacles small Hawai'i ranches face everyday. The fluctuation in cattle prices, the struggle to secure bookings for processing, and the pressure to sell weaned animals to the Continental U.S. are just a few reasons why the Vericella's are adamant about supporting local ranchers. For Nick, the system didn't make sense. Most of the beef sold in Hawai'i  is shipped in from the Continental U.S., possibly from animals who were born in the islands. We'll never know for certain. 
hawaii made dog food
Pawniolo Pets was founded not only to provide the healthiest nutrition for our pets, but also with the hope of keeping more livestock here in our islands while supporting trusted Hawai'i ranchers. 
They utilize whole animals, nose to tail, in an effort to waste nothing while contributing to a circular economy in Hawai'i. To them, that is the highest form of honor not only to the animal, but also to the 'aina (land) that provides the food which feeds us. 
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